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Sometimes when you have the desire to dream big or the urge to go out and do something that’s never been done before, you just have to go for it. And that’s what we did. We took an outlandish, borderline crazy idea and made it happen. We launched a donut into space…because why not? 

The Launch

Space Donut launching

Our team decided to launch the donut in Marceline, MO. This town was the childhood home of Walt Disney. Like Walt, we had big dreams of our own. It was a quiet and early morning when our Donut left the earth. What would unfold over the next few hours was nothing short of amazing.

The Journey

Space Donut launching

Our donut was attached to a weather balloon. We coated it in a protective silicone to endure the harsh cold temperatures and 100 mph winds of Earth’s upper atmosphere. Upon reaching 97,000 feet, it popped and our donut plummeted to earth’s surface at near terminal velocity.

The Landing

Space Donut launching

Our donut landed 253 miles away from its starting point in a farm field in eastern Illinois. It was in the air for an impressive 3 hours and 47 minutes. Our team was able to recover the donut due to a GPS chip backed inside the cargo box. The Space Donut is now on display at Donutology!

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