D onutology has proudly been serving the Kansas City area for over two years now. It all started with a new and innovative idea for donuts by our founder, Andrew Cameron.

Give someone a hot, yummy donut that reflects them and boom. Happiness happens, right before your eyes. And at Donutology, we’re lucky enough to elevate happiness, millions of times each year.”

Andrew Cameron

After years of research he discovered that everyone has their own unique “donut gene.” We took that idea and ran with it. 

Customize Your Donut Experience

Our team at Donutology prides ourselves in offering some of the best donuts in Kansas City. Not to mention the most creative. We offer over 40,000 combinations of icings, toppings and drizzles that allow our customers to create their own donuts and express their own unique personalities

Think of it as creating your own donuts, your own way.

Better yet, we’re committed to quality, and use local, Kansas-grown wheat to ensure that our donuts are wholesome for our customers. Quality is also found in the process, so we like to spend some extra time in the mornings prepping our fresh, homemade dough to give you the delicious donuts you know and love. We start by rolling and cutting the dough, then frying it to perfection.

From there, it’s up to you. You have the power to choose what goes into making your perfect combination. You can change things up with a customized mini, or stick with a classic glazed.

Remember, there is no “bad” decision when it comes to the donuts you choose. The only bad decision is not to have one… or two.

Innovation is part of our recipe and we wanted to give you even more options to choose from that incorporates our donuts. Try our classic donut milkshake, or one of our more famous inventions — the DôNado, an ice cream-filled, twisted donut cone. Yes, it taste just as good as it looks!

Donutology Donado

Support Local Businesses (By Eating Donuts)

At Donutology, we take pride in our customer service and do what we can to consistently meet our customers needs and expectations. We also work exceptionally hard to make sure no one is left out from the happiness along the way (because no one deserves to miss out on donuts), and happy to be offering certified gluten-free donuts and cinnamon rolls! Go on, you can celebrate now.

But, we don’t stop there. We offer so much more than just donuts! We have great partnerships with local Kansas City companies such as Shatto Milk, Polly’s Pop and Roasterie Coffee. If you’re asking us, those options pair perfectly with any of our homemade donuts!

Your Favorite Kansas City Donut Shop

Donuts really are the simple equation for happiness and we are thrilled that we get to play a part in spreading happiness to you and your loved ones. We wouldn’t be the company we are without the help of our loyal customers. We love being your local Kansas City donut shop and are excited to keep serving up new combinations and inventions to our community!

Looking for a summer job? We’re hiring new Donuticians to add to our team! If you’re passionate about donuts and excited about creativity, download the application for a chance to join our team!

Be sure to follow our Instagram @donutologykc to stay updated on our latest donut experiments, special offerings, upcoming events, giveaways and all things Donutology you don’t want to miss.